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Salads / Meat

Chicken salad with eggs, pickled cucumbers and canned green peas

Chicken meat — about 300 g
Chicken eggs — 4 pcs.
Pickled cucumbers — 5-6 medium size pieces
Canned green peas — 1 ordinary jar (about 240 g of net weight of peas)
Salt or universal seasoning — to taste
Dried basil — to taste
Mayonnaise or Caesar salad dressing — to taste

Cut chicken meat into cubes.

Season it with salt/universal seasoning and dried basil.
Fry over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

Put canned peas in a deep dish.
Cut pickled cucumbers into cubes and add to peas.

Put fried chicken meat on a plate.

Grate peeled hard-boiled eggs in a blender.

Add the resulting mass to the salad plate.

Mix all the ingredients and dress up the salad with mayonnaise or Caesar salad dressing.
Top the dish with dried basil.

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