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Soups / Chicken

Spicy chicken soup with tomatoes

Chicken fillet — 1 pc.
Tomatoes — 5 pcs.
Carrots — 2 pcs.
Pickled onions — to taste
Chili pepper — 1/3 part
Green onions — to taste
Parsley — to taste
Dill — to taste
Salt — to taste
Ground red pepper — to taste
Curry seasoning — to taste

Cut the products into small pieces and put them in a chopper.

Grind the contents and place them in salted boiling water with seasonings.

Cook the soup on low heat for about half an hour.

Finely chop green onions, parsley and dill.

Add greens to the saucepan about a couple of minutes before the end of the soup cooking time.

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